Consus Management Ltd. is a Strategic Management company that was established in May of 2009. As a small company that was initially owner operated, Consus has evolved into a company that can now provide a variety of products to clients through our ever-expanding work-force capabilities and partnerships, guided by over 40 years of combined experience within the supervisory staff.

Consus completes a variety of work, mainly specializing in the forestry and utilities sectors. Projects vary annually, with a mix of both direct award and tendered contracts. Based in Williams Lake, BC the majority of Forestry work is completed for clients in the Williams Lake, Quesnel and 100MH TSA’s. Our utilities department provides company services throughout the province. Program and project sizes vary depending on client requirements, but for a more detailed list of services we provide please visit our Services page.

Consus: In ancient Roman religion, the god Consus was the protector of grains and is latin for to Sow or Grow.