Consus Management Ltd. is a Strategic Management company that was established in May of 2009. As a small company that is owner operated, Consus has evolved into a company that can now provide a variety of products to clients through our ever-expanding work-force capabilities and partnerships, guided by over 60 years of combined experience within the supervisory staff.

 Consus Management Ltd. has been established since 2009 as a distinguished resource management company with a primary office in Williams Lake, BC, and a secondary location in Vernon, BC. We specialize in the implementation and management of various Forest Tenures, Government Funded Programs, Silviculture and Timber Development Activities, and Utilities Contracts.

At Consus Management Ltd., we are deeply committed to the principles of Truth and Reconciliation. We actively engage with our local Indigenous communities, fostering practical and tangible initiatives that promote healing, understanding, and collaboration.

Our company takes pride in its progressive and innovative approach to environmental management and our team of skilled resource professionals strives to deliver high-quality and efficient products to our clients. We are dedicated to ensuring sustainability for tomorrow while implementing cutting-edge practices and technologies.

Consus: In ancient Roman religion, the god Consus was the protector of grains and is latin for to Sow or Grow.