Our group of forest professionals and silviculture staff have significant expertise in all aspects of post-harvest forest management.

Consus annually manages multiple large survey programs, planting implementation and QA/QC, stand-tending management, as well as obligation management and tracking. Consus continues to provide products that incorporate best management practices and data that go above and beyond industry standards to ensure clients can make appropriate decisions on the land base.

Consus performs and oversees various aspects of silviculture services including (but not limited to):

  • Full Silviculture Obligation Management and Reporting
  • Amendments
  • Section 108 Submissions
  • FFT/Government Funded Programs
  • Silviculture surveys
  • Spacing and Mid rotation Stand Tending Prescriptions and Management
  • Site Preparation Management and Inspection
  • Wildfire Management
  • Planting quality inspections
  • Planting over site
  • Brushing recommendations