Multi-Phase Timber Development

Consus Management has extensive experience managing large-scale development programs and currently develops over 750,000m3/year for Major and Minor Tenure holders throughout the province.

Our unique and experienced group of foresters/technicians have the required experience to provide all phases of timber development from planning, through to referrals and permit submissions. Furthermore, Consus specializes is Area-Based Tenure management, such as Woodlots and Community Forest Agreements and can appropriately manage all Forestry Related activities, from development, to harvesting and silviculture obligations.

Consus Management is involved in the various aspects specific with the process of timber development and harvest both around Williams Lake and in other Forest Regions throughout the province. We complete numerous development tasks such as:

  • Resource Planning
  • Reconnaissance
  • Road and Cutblock layout
  • Timber Cruising
  • Riparian Assessment and Classification
  • Forest Pest Management
  • Harvesting and Operations Supervision and Management
  • Site plan data collection and Writing
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Patch cut Analysis
  • RESULTS Entry
  • Area Based Tenure Management
  • Cutting Permit/RP Applications
  • Ecosystem Restoration