Total Resource Planning

multi-phase timber development british columbia

Located within the Quesnel TSA an uncharted tract of land was provided by a local licensee to be developed in full, by our team of Resource Professionals.

Consus Management, working collaboratively with a local licensee, put forward a Total Resource Planning approach to develop a three pass system that can allow for sustainable harvest opportunities for the next 25 years, while still maintaining visual, recreational, wildlife, range, and biodiversity objectives both at a stand and landscape level.

Key Components

Area Based approach in a Volume Based system, identify problems and work to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable management.

Developing harvest treatments and timing based on stand characteristics. Focus on addressing IBM infestation under scale based permitting prior to stand fallout.

Utilization of Silviculture Systems to maximize advanced regeneration and capitalize on opportunity to limit shortages to mid-term timber supply.

Identify Critical Road Location and Restructure existing road networks for long term management.

More Detailed Forest Inventory to assist in assessing supply and status of the resources available.

Aesthetics, Riparian, Wildlife and Migratory Bird analysis to develop a landscape level retention strategy and connectivity analysis.

Current Status

The Quesnel Tract Total Resource plan is still currently ongoing to develop the later stages/passes of Resource opportunity/development. Currently, a ten year plan is in place, where a sustainable logging plan has been finalized which will incorporate all resource values and allow extraction of ~50,000m3/year. Currently, more Forest Inventory and Professional Assessments are required to finalize overall planning shapes and move forward with 15-25 year passes.