Corrosion Assessment and Tower Coating 10 Year Project Plan

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Consus Management was tasked with developing a long term plan, to appropriately treat and protect major lattice steel transmission systems across the province in the spring of 2016.

Consus’ trained staff inspected all major lattice transmission lines within the province to assess the Corrosion Levels of these structures, putting together a treatment and mitigation plan for the next ten years. Upon completion Consus is now completing annual QA/QC on the treatment of these structures to ensure a quality, efficient product is delivered to the client.

Key Components

Determine Condition Assessment Values for all structures.

Confirm and Map Access routes along Transmission Corridors.

Address potential environmental concerns and potential mitigation tactics.

Compile annual Fiscal targets based on current condition assessment values.

Current Status

Consus is currently working to ensure that the annual plans are completed according to allocated Fiscal budget and production targets. Consus is responsible to help manage and streamline the annual workplans by working directly with Coating Contractors to help coordinate access, potential roadworks or earthwork, and environmental monitoring and management.